security & data safety

Opal Academy provides user access security by means of user name and password, limiting only users that have user account to have access to the application. Although a user must be authorized before he can access the application, all users are granted privileges on the role on which they will have on the application data. Some user will have all the privileges i.e. to add, edit and delete data. Some will only add and edit while others will only have access for viewing data.

promotion Manager

Opal Academy comes with the facility that allows school to feed in their promotion criteria which the application will use in determining promotion status of a particular student. At the end of a successful academic calendar Opal Academy will automatically promote successful student to the next class.

backup & restore

Opal Academy comes with a Backup and Restore feature which allow user to backup their data. The Backup and Restore is essential for good housekeeping, data integrity, security and disaster fallback.


If it normally take days or weeks for schools with thousand students to compute and produce student terminal results manually. Opal Academy will process schools’ assessment results in minutes and produce different reports – class academic status, terminal reports, cumulative reports, awards etc. - for the school to use in assessing student performance.