Academic Record Management Made Easy

Opal Academy is an academic record management software developed for secondary, primary and other non-tertiary academic institution. Opal Academy captures student personal data, assessment scores, computes and archives results.

Opal Academy is designed to be intuitive and efficient to let users quickly get acquainted to it.

  1. Manage students personal information.
  2. Capture scores for assessment and examination.
  3. Batch result processing.
  4. Automatic promotion based on easily set criteria.
  5. Determine student position in subjects, classes and yeargroups.
  6. Quickly generate student report sheet and several other printable reports.
  7. Maintain an archive of old academic records.
  8. Easy data backup and restore.
  9. Simultaneously work from multiple computer terminals over a local area network
  10. High security via role based access control.